A comparison of ps3 and xbox 360

Is it a USB device, or does it attach to the video cables?

A comparison of ps3 and xbox 360

Nov 10, 13 Advertisement Tibbaryllis said: Now I readily submit that PC and PS3 have superior capabilities,but that comparison video has a few moments where it shows a clear loss-of-high-res-textures glitch that is a known issue in the community.

The issue appears to be associated with either an instal to HDD that creates a problem, or a glitch that occurs when using in in-game menu when in the menu the game uses low-res textures for the background so that it can use hi-res in the menu, but when you return to the gameworld it fails to reload the textures.

So while I wouldnt be surprised if the PS3 graphics were better, lets wait for after release day for patches and the resolution of the issue before anyone gets antsy Click to expand I literally laugh at people who think that there's no way to fix the Xbox install glitch.

I will quote m yself here so you people know how to install your game without bugging causing the graphics to bug out: There's been this odd bug happening to Skyrim users; if you have the game installed to HDD, the textures don't load properly. This is due to the in-game cache that Skyrim uses.

As you play, it caches all these textures and places and everything to make the game load better and run faster. If you play from disc, there is no issue with the cache, but if you have the game installed to HDD, the cache won't overwrite anything in your Xbox's system cache for some reason.

So those textures never load properly and never get stored in the cache. I don't have the game yet, but both the bug and the fix have been confirmed to exist and work, respectively.

A comparison of ps3 and xbox 360

QFT, If the guy was playing a installed version he was probably getting no high res textures, due to a bug. So far people say playing off disk or clearing your cache can fix the problem.For the Xbox Kinect, I would recommend the Xbox GB with Kinect.

It comes with the Xbox console, a handheld controller, the Kinect camera, a headset, the awful Kinect Adventures game, AC cable, AV cable, and a built-in GB hard drive (you can save some money by buying the 4 . Mass Effect 3 On Xbox Vs. PS3 Vs. performance remains an obvious concern on the PlayStation 3, while the Wii U and Xbox ran at virtual parity for much of the run of the play.

Oct 02,  · *NBA 2K11 PS3-XBOX Graphics Comparison* This is a discussion on *NBA 2K11 PS3-XBOX Graphics Comparison* within the NBA 2K Last Gen forums.

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