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Alexandria library

Aulus Gellius says that during the "sack" of Alexandriavolumes were all burned. Dio Cassius C. Ammianus Marcellinus says that in the "sack" of the city 70, volumes were burned. Of all the sources, Plutarch is the only one to refer explicitly to the destruction of the Library. Plutarch was also the first writer to refer to Caesar by name.

Alexandria library

The majority of ancient historians, even those strongly opposed to Caesar politically, give no account of the alleged massive disaster. Furthermore, the library was a very large stone building and the scrolls were stored away in armaria and some of them put in capsulesso it is hard to see how a fire in the harbor could have affected a significant part of its contents.

Lastly, modern archaeological finds have confirmed an extensive ancient water supply network which covered the major parts of the city, including, of course, the royal quarter.

The destruction of the library is attributed by some historians to a period of civil war in the late third century C. A later one, referred to as the daughter library, was destroyed about C.

At the time of the Arab conquest, therefore, no library of importance existed in Alexandria and no contemporary writer ever brought the charge about Amr or Umar.

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None of the early chronicles, not even the Christian ones, make any reference to this tale, which is mentioned in the thirteenth century, and in any case the great library of Serapenum had already been destroyed in internal dissensions before the coming of the Arabs.

This is consistent with the number given by Seneca, much smaller than the overall volume of books in the library. So under this interpretation it is plausible that, for example, books stored in a warehouse near the harbor were accidentally destroyed by Caesar, and that larger numbers cited in some works have to be considered unreliable—misinterpretations by the medieval monks who preserved these works through the Middle Agesor deliberate forgeries.

Inscription referring to the Alexandrian library, dated 56 C.

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Even if one considers the museum and the library to be very much separate, there is considerable evidence that the library continued to exist after the alleged destruction. Plutarch, who claimed the Great Library was destroyed years after the alleged incidentin Life of Antony describes the later transfer of the second largest library to Alexandria by Mark Antony as a gift to Cleopatra.

Even if the most extreme allegations against Caesar were true, this raises the question of what happened to these volumes. The continued existence of the library is also supported by an ancient inscription found in the early twentieth century, dedicated to Tiberius Claudius Balbillus of Rome d.

Claudius Balbillus held [ When it came to the library and museum, he wrote: We must therefore conclude that at least some of the Alexandrian libraries were still in operation at the time. Destruction of pagan temples and Serapeum In the late fourth century C.Alexandria, one of the greatest cities of the ancient world, was founded by Alexander the Great after his conquest of Egypt in BC.

After the death of Alexander in Babylon in BC, Egypt fell to the lot of one of his lieutenants, Ptolemy. th Anniversary Ending WWI. The Alexandria Public Library is commemorating the th anniversary of the Armistice that ended WWI with a variety of special displays.

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