An imperfect stranger essay

But why is that? Apparently, high education record, as a symbol of success in Chinese culture, means a decent and high-paid job which leads to a perfect mate and a comfortable life, which is everything we are going after. In theory which is already proved in statistic, the more education people receive, the more relative income they will get Xin ; everybody knows that.

An imperfect stranger essay

An imperfect stranger essay

In marriage, no matter how deep the love and devotion, our partner is still The Other, someone we may think we know very, very well, but who is always somewhat of a stranger.

We share neither blood nor genes, perhaps not even common interests. Yet we met and married and now share a home, in-laws, and children. It can be hell. Surrendering to marriage means realizing that to succeed in this most mysterious and difficult, yet essential, of partnerships we must push through waves of sadness and rage, and accept them as part of the whole marriage organism that also includes the profound joy of being in a committed union, and of giving your kids a rock to hold onto.

Surrendering to marriage means we must be forgiving and flexible when what we really feel like doing is spewing venomous remarks. We must give back rubs or our bodies when we feel like reading or sleeping.

We must keep our marriages alive, and revive them when they are dying. We must surrender to reality and let go of fantasy. People who leave a marriage for someone else often end up finding that person carries heavier baggage than the partner they left behind.

Without the old, imperfect partner around to blame anymore we find it was our imperfect self that was the cause of our own pain all along. No relationship can fix our woes and finally give us the happiness that has thus far eluded us.

Smitten men and women who appear superhumanly heroic to each other during courtship evolve into naked and annoying husbands and wives. Hard-bodied male suitors become potbellied husbands. Bean thermal packs, and thinking of roads not taken, possibilities unfulfilled.

Running a household is the same every day. We are machines going through repetitive tasks, too often unconscious to the flow of the motion or the pulse of the moment.

No matter how helpful a husband is, women generally end up being Command Central, in charge of overseeing the whole of the operation and attending to the myriad of details, the buying, scheduling, organizing, most of the cleaning and cooking.

The Buddhists tell us to be fully awake in the here and now. Ah, if it were only that easy, to swirl like the wind, to fall effortlessly like the rain, to become the motion while doing mundane chores at home after dropping kids off at school or returning from the office, and not let embittered thoughts about monotony fling us into a reverie about a more enticing future.

Even when we try hard to embrace each moment, days with children who need rides everywhere--this while handling our professions--get hammered into dumps of anonymous weeks that blur into anonymous months. As the routine goes: Get up, get dressed, get kids dressed, feed them breakfast, clean up after breakfast, take them to school, shove in as much work of your own as you possibly can the hours they are away, pick them up, take them to soccer, piano, orthodontist, come home, make dinner, scoop up food off the floor, homework, baths, bedtime, then come downstairs to your clean kitchen to make it dirty again when you start all over making school lunches for the following day.

We are, after all, the generation who grew up in dread of stopping too long in any one place as not to miss the higher-intensity drama we are certain awaits us around the next corner, through the next door, with the next mate.

Yet, while the real guys we married may be flawed, at least they are people whose imperfections we are used to. But these suitors are fairy-tale characters until they withstand the reality test of the twenty-four-hour life cycle.

Before you ditch your own boring spouse, put Mr. In other words, be real around them, and see how it transforms your idealized-perfect-soul-mate love.

Right who is perfect only in my dreams.We will write a custom essay sample on Sylvia Plath: The Imperfect Perfectionist specifically for you. Gradually the recollections became very heavily buried under the elaborations, and the poem becomes a stranger to her, or so that is how it seems to the reader.

However, for Plath, the more disguised her poetry, the more personal her poems. Essay about Meursault in The Stranger - Meursault in The Stranger Meursault, the main character and the narrator of the story, is a year-old shipping clerk who lives an ordinary day-to-day existence.

An imperfect stranger essay

Essay on Philosophy in Albert Camus' Two Novels, The Stranger and The Fall - Philosophy in Albert Camus' Two Novels, The Stranger and The Fall One of the most noted proponents of early French existentialism, Albert Camus, composed nearly a dozen superb . The Stranger is written by Albert Camus Essay The Stranger is written by Albert Camus and this novel is widely considered to be written in an existentialist point of view - The Stranger is written by Albert Camus Essay introduction.

Existentialism would be the principle by which the existent of man is defined to have no higher meaning and implications. Descriptive Essay Hearts were racing, Grammatical tenses, Imperfect tense, You may just have a simple conversation with a stranger on a bus, and before you know it, both individuals have a changed perspective on something.

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