Business plan aviation industry

You might choose to earn a standard business degree and apply to aviation-related jobs following graduation. Or you might pursue a more specialized business degree in aviation. Why Study Aviation Business Administration?

Business plan aviation industry

Not only will we offer well-maintained aircraft for flight training, but we'll also provide aircraft for individual rental.

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The company will provide the necessary facilities for teaching, but the instructors will be independent flight trainers with advanced aviation backgrounds. GWTW Aviation will also offer corporate solutions for businesses' aviation needs. Services Gone with the Wind Aviation's services will include flight instruction, aircraft rental and aviation consulting.

Our competitive advantage will be that we are a small company that offers a personalised service. Our future goal is to acquire more aircraft for rentals and commercial use.

Business plan for Gone with the Wind Aviation

The Market The recent closure of two major players in the Gauteng aviation training industry, Pretoria Flying School and Aviators National, has caused a huge gap in the market and an increased demand for training facilities.

As our facility is relatively central to the city dwellers of Gauteng, as well as other larger cities in North West such as Rustenburg, it offers the perfect solution for those not wanting to travel great distances to attend our flying school or make use of our other services.

Gone with the Wind Aviation will advertise in flying magazines, as well on Air Show days. However, our primary form of marketing will be to depend on the good references given by our current students and patrons, in other words word-of-mouth advertising.

This includes down payment for the aircraft and the bond repayment on the property, which is valued at R11, We estimate our monthly breakeven point to be at R20 — based on a minimum of 55 flight hours a month and an enrolment of 20 new students a month. Objectives Recruit 2 more qualified flight instructors Enrol 20 new students a month Create an interactive website with information and timetables Start an advertising campaign Mission Gone with the Wind Aviation will ensure that safety comes first by maintaining the aircraft in a responsible way and by providing students with a standard safety check chart at the start of each flight.

Gone with the Wind Aviation will provide clients with a safe aircraft for all their aviation needs.

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Keys to Success Thorough and safe training of students Exceptional flight instructors to run the fly school Central location to residents of two provinces Preventative maintenance on the aircraft.Flight Plan to Sales Success: New Media Marketing for the Aviation Industry Paperback – September 2, with experience in a variety of disciplines: sales and marketing, inventory and logistics, IT, finance, HR, business development, legal, and a long list of Paula Williams.

In Aviation industry supply chain map is quite complex because of the complexity of aviation business hence there are three functional components indentified which play very important role to ensure that efficient supply chain services are achieved with highest level of .

‘Aviation Emergency Response Plan Solutions’ (AERPS) is one of very few aviation related contingency planning consultants in the world – able to deal with all and any aspects of associated business continuity matters.

Elements of a Business Plan There are seven major sections of a business plan, and each one is a complex document. Read this selection from our business plan tutorial to fully understand these.

business plan aviation industry

Additionally, this plan supports the existing aviation industry and stimulates the growth of aviation by making airports more cost‐effective to potential business users. The business jet industry is expected to experience strong growth in the short to medium term, supported by several new airplane models coming to market and an Honeywell Business Jet Aviation Forecast Projects 7, New Aircraft Deliveries.

Strategic plan for aviation industry expansion being prepared