Capital market business plan

For example, a company may have inbound payments from customers that have not yet cleared, but need immediate cash to pay its employees. When a company borrows from the primary capital markets, often the purpose is to invest in additional physical capital goodswhich will be used to help increase its income. It can take many months or years before the investment generates sufficient return to pay back its cost, and hence the finance is long term.

Capital market business plan

The commission said it was also committed to engaging the Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement System NIBSS to facilitate identity validation and account validation to enhance market processes. It said the engagement with NIBSS on behalf of the capital market community on the issue was aimed at enhancing the e-dividend mandate and direct cash settlement initiatives in the market.

Again, the commission said it would work with other major interest groups in setting up a committee to proffer solutions to problems around identity management in the Nigerian capital market.

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These were part of the resolutions by operators and interest groups during the third quarterly Nigerian Capital Market Committee CMC meeting to discuss issues related to the development and growth of a modern capital market.

The committee is expected to submit its report to the commission in two weeks, just as the committee on minimum operating standards submitted its final report. Acting director general of SEC, Mary Uduk, said a timeframe for implementation of the standards would soon be announced. Ms Uduk announced that only six trade groups have so far registered with the commission, in compliance with the directive to facilitate implementation of the complaints management framework in the capital market.

Capital market operators CMOs are also expected to register with their respective trade groups. To eliminate underhand dealings, Ms Uduk said the commission would soon commence enforcement actions against persons engaged in trading in the shares of public unlisted companies outside recognized securities exchange as provided by the relevant regulations.

Other resolutions include the need to grow the market for trading in securities on unlisted public companies. The SEC boss said the commission was collaborating with the Corporate Affairs Commission CAC and other interest groups to assist public companies yet to register their securities to do so without much difficulty.

On efforts to institute a stand-alone capital market curriculum for basic and senior secondary education in the country, Ms Uduk said the commission was working with National Educational Research and Development Council NERDC to achieve it.

Also, the Financial Literacy Committee, she said, has already developed a web page dedicated to providing relevant financial literacy material on the capital market and the financial sector for investors.

On the proposed arrangement to ensure public companies distribute electronic annual accounts to shareholders, the acting DG said report confirmed shareholders have largely accepted the new initiative and were willing to provide their email addresses for that purpose.

capital market business plan

During the meeting, a financial technology Fintech Roadmap Committee, chaired by Ade Bajomo, was inaugurated, with a mandate to develop a Fintech roadmap for the capital market within the next three months.

The meeting, attended by capital market operators, featured presentations by various market technical committees, self-regulatory organisations and other interest groups.

On the lingering issue of multiple subscriptions and forbearance for investors with multiple accounts, the CMC resolved to extend by another year, from December 31,the deadline to regularise their records. To address challenges associated with transmission of shares related to the estate of deceased investors, the commission resolved to engage with and enlighten the probate registry on the issue to resolve the problems in the process of transmitting shares.

Besides, the commission is considering developing rules around the timeframe for transmission shares and the fee structure in the market.Your market analysis forms a key part of your business plan. Interpreting your market research results in a clear and concise manner will provide a strong foundation for your overall plan.

Interpreting your market research results in a clear and concise manner will provide a strong foundation for your overall plan.

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capital market business plan

Business Planning and Bookkeeping. If you want to get on the road to achieving your dreams of small business ownership, you’ll need a map.

This is where your business plan comes in. For a startup business typically one of the main goals of the business plan is to convince banks, angel investors, or venture capitalists to invest in your business by providing startup capital in the form of debt or equity financing.

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