Character analysis of bosola

A marquispossibly Fernando d'Avalos. The protagonist, sister to Ferdinand and the Cardinal. At the beginning she is a widow whose brothers take every precaution to keep her from marriage, though later she secretly marries Antonio.

Character analysis of bosola

I have typed up the mock she completed in timed conditions and then broken down in bold and in italics the Character analysis of bosola in which different sections of the essay meet the assessment objectives for the A-Level. Thank you to Charlotte for allowing me to use her essay A copy of the essay is at the bottom of the blog without the annotations.

A copy of the blog to download is here: In your answer you must consider relevant contextual factors. Plan — Vulnerability 1 — B — to reality, light, alcohol, men 2 — Stella — patriarchal, S hits her, Eunice advice 3 — Stanley — protective over Stella, vulnerable when…, talks… Marking and Assessment objectives: Covered in this essay are: He was homosexual, suffered with depression and alcoholism; possibly suggesting why he may be viewed as a vulnerable human being.

AO3 — Clear focused link to context with specific details about how this point is supported. The use of arguably links to AO1 again with a tentative, but academic style being used. This is a nice link forward and helps to guide the overall structure of the essay.

Furthermore, implying that Williams believed humans all possessed weaknesses causing vulnerability, yet once we are amongst others we conform and therefore possess a sense of unity and power. Introduction Summary The introduction is possibly slightly long due to the inclusion of context twice and engagement with critic.

If you are going to be unable Blanche is the protagonist throughout the play — a Southern Belle exposed to the harsh reality of the world.


Her many addictions she possesses may be a device Williams used in order examine her vulnerability. In order to escape the past, and to also escape her present position in reality, Blanche creates a fantasy life for herself. However, in order to keep this fantasy intact Blanche must drink alcohol as a catalyst for the world.

This is a skilfully constructed analysis which links to many examples from memory. Target here — work on seamlessly embedding the critical viewpoints into the analysis. However, the point is made and the critic is engaged with well to support the rest of the analysis of the play.

Paragraph Summary Overall, this first paragraph is an excellent example of focused character analysis which links well to the question and uses appropriate and relevant context and critics to show engagement with the play and the intentions of the playwright. Blanche is not the only character that is described to possess vulnerable characteristics, her sister Stella also does.

AO1 — Overall structure of the writing — good link back to the previous paragraph showing an understanding of how to structure an academic essay and move onto the next point.

Character analysis of bosola

Stella is arguably, like Blanche, unable to face reality and the truth, but because of the strong potent love for Stanley rather than an addiction to alcohol. Stella is utterly in love with Stanley, which acts as a catalyst for her blind optimism of the truth. On the other hand.

Good AO5 — alternative opinions being offered and explored with focus on a range of quotes and close analysis zooming in on specific words and phrases. It is not just Stella who is vulnerable to abuse; Steve and Eunice also have an abusive relationship.

AO3 — nice link to context here that shows an understanding of the way society was working at the time. If they stick to the conventional positions, even though it causes them to be vulnerable — they will survive in society. The overview understanding of the symbolism and the link to the question here are superb — sharp and to the point.

Blanche evidently goes against this and this provides a reason as to why she reaches a downfall at the end. Furthermore, Stella may be seen to not be able to face reality and this may be one of her vulnerable aspects. This also summarises the analysis that has been completed throughout this paragraph about Stella and her vulnerability.

Paragraph Summary This is an excellent analytical paragraph, which develops on the first paragraph and is now really sharply focused on how vulnerability is shown by Williams through the characterisation of different characters in the play.

The AO3 link is nicely embedded and made, but could be developed slightly more.

English Literature: The Duchess of Malfi: A Revenge Play

Although throughout the play, Stanley is presented to be a harsh and unlikeable character, it may be argued that he is a sensitive character underneath, who has a vulnerable spot towards Stella. The act of grinning creates a sinister atmosphere and forces later acts to come.

The alternative viewpoint of Stanley aids the illusion of the fact that his vulnerability is Stella, thus providing a reason for his crude and violent actions.

There is clear evidence of awareness of the staging of the play and the effect that this has here, as well as focused references to the effect of the terminology that is used by the playwright. Although Stanley is protective over Stella, his violent actions and arguably selfish behaviour at times links to the concept of a patriarchal society, where men dominate women — no matter how much they love them.

There is an awareness here that this links to the previous analysis and there is a critical analysis being made in relation to what is said by the critic.Bosola can be described as a bosola duchess of the malfi essay analysis Pros of hpv vaccine convincing character as unlike some of the characters in the play, his opinions and principles change throughout,.

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GMT Character Of Bosola In Duchess Of Malfi - The timeline below shows where the character Daneil de Bosola appears in The Duchess of Malfi.

The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance. Mon, 27 Aug GMT The character of Daneil de Bosola in The Duchess of Malfi - Bosola.

BACK; NEXT ; Character Analysis. Daneil de Bosola Character Timeline in The Duchess of Malfi The timeline below shows where the character Daneil de Bosola appears in The Duchess of Malfi.

The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance. The character of the Duchess of Malfi Enamur Rahman Talim PM John Webster, The Duchess of Malfi No comments The Duchess of Malfi, the protagonist of the trargedy “ The Duchess of Malfi ” by John Webster, is completely an exceptional character from the typical Jacobean one.

Enter CARDINAL and BOSOLA BOSOLA I do haunt you still.

'Whether we fall by ambition, blood or lust, like diamonds, we are cut with our own dust'

but observe his inward character: he is a melancholy churchman. "The Duchess of Malfi Act 1 Scene 1" Track Info.

Suggest he is a convincing character, Bosola, More about The Duchess of Malfi Essay The Duchess of Malfi Summary and Streetcare Named Desire Essay - Analysis Act Four begins back in Malfi, at the Duchess's palace.

· This student essay consists bosola duchess of the malfi essay analysis.

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