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Current essays for competitive exams pdf writer

History[ edit ] St. It was the second La Sallian high school in the country.

current essays for competitive exams pdf writer

The initial school was a wooden building on Barr Street now Maha Bandula Park Street and moved to its present site in Between andtwo new Thomas Swales-designed wings were added. Later in the s, a study hall and refectory were extended.

Naturally, many of the notable colonial era names were St. The language of instruction was mainly English in the early days, and bi-lingual for some classes in the later days. Latinscience and higher mathematics were taught in the senior classes.

Special interest classes such as Painting, and Carpentry and Woodcarving were also offered. The highlights of the school year were the annual sports and school concerts. The primary language of instruction became Burmese.

The school, which used to have a "Roll of Honor" for its outstanding students, steadily lost significance partly due to the new requirement to attend nearby schools as much as possible.

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Nevertheless, the school is still considered among the top high schools in Myanmar. The compound of St. The former Secretariat Compound, where Gen. Aung San was assassinated, is located across Anawrahta Road.

The all-girls Botataung 4 High School formerly, St.

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The gated campus consists of some of the best facilities available in Myanmar: The Burmese education system is based on the colonial year secondary school curriculum although most other countries are on a year curriculum.

The early shift handles K through 4 and the second shift does 5 through Due to the use of two shifts and the availability of a large number of classrooms, the class size at Botataung 6 is around 40 to 50, much lower than students in a typical Burmese classroom.

The school which produced notable scholars in the past has succumbed to the provant teaching style based mainly on memorization and rote learning. Teachers teach for and students study for the exams. Most students attend specialized private classes locally called tuition classes on specific subject matters.

current essays for competitive exams pdf writer

In a world where teachers must supplement their abysmally low salaries, many of the private classes are given by the teachers ignoring the conflict of interest with the primary focus on exam-specific topics. The incestuous practice is typically an academic death knell for those not able to afford these special classes.

Cost[ edit ] Although the schools are nominally free in Myanmar, in reality, parents still have to pay for school maintenance, donations and registration fees as well as books and uniforms.Turnitin provides instructors with the tools to prevent plagiarism, engage students in the writing process, and provide personalized feedback.

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The main examination shall include compulsory subjects and one optional subject. Before this main examination a preliminary objective type examination based on multiple choice questions is to be conducted, the papers / syllabus and pattern of which will be as prescribed in Appendix-V.

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The school was founded as St. Paul's English High School by the De La Salle Brothers, a Roman Catholic order in August , eight years after the British had seized Yangon and all of Lower Myanmar. It was the second La Sallian high school in the country. (St. Patrick's High School in Mawlamyine was the first La Sallian high school and founded in April ). Download the updated full list of Awards and Honours In India for current affairs and general knowledge. Free FundsforWriters. Weekly issues A free weekly newsletter that lists semi-pro or higher paying markets and contests as well as grants, crowdfunding, contests, publishers, agents and employers.

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