Essay about family responsibilities

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Essay about family responsibilities

The committee noted that the statement is a departure from the Statement of Principles on Academic Freedom and Tenurebut one that provides an important relief for probationary faculty in their child-rearing years. Statistical information in the report was updated in This flexibility requires the availability of such alternatives as longer- term leaves of absence, temporary reductions in workload with no loss of professional status, and retention of full-time affiliation throughout the child- bearing and child- rearing years.

Since there have been significant demographic and legal changes affecting the academic profession. Notably, the percentage of women faculty has increased: Although increasing numbers of women have entered academia, their academic status has been slow to improve.

In contrast, among full professors, only 26 percent are women, and 74 percent are men. Women remain significantly underrepresented at research institutions; this is in stark contrast to their significant representation at community colleges.

The proportion of full- time women faculty at two- year institutions increased from 38 percent in to approximately 50 percent in At the same time, among full professors at doctoral institutions, the proportion of faculty members who are women is only 19 percent.

A salary advantage held by male faculty members over female faculty members exists at all ranks and institutional types.

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The salary gap is largest at the rank of full professor where, for all institutional types combined, women are paid, on average, only 88 percent of what their male colleagues are paid.

The conflict between work and family obligations that many faculty members experience is more acute for women faculty than for men. Giving birth and raising children are distinctive events.

Eighty-seven percent of women become parents during their working lives. In the average PhD recipient was thirty- four years old.


Raising a child takes 20 years, not one semester. American women, who still do the vast majority of child care, will not achieve equality in academia so long as the ideal academic is defined as someone who takes no time off for child-rearing. With teaching, research, committee assignments, and other responsibilities, pre-tenure academics commonly work many hours of overtime.

Defining job requirements in this way tends to eliminate virtually all mothers, so it is not surprising the percentage of tenured women in U. The policies fall into two categories: Transforming the academic workplace into one that supports family life requires substantial changes in policy and, more significantly, changes in academic culture.

These changes require a thorough commitment from the leaders of educational institutions as well as from the faculty. Without such support, the commitment to gender equity, for both women and men, will be seriously compromised. Because of the unique characteristics of academic life, particularly the flexibility of schedules, tremendous potential exists for achieving a healthy work-family integration.

At the same time, academic culture poses a special challenge. The lack of a clear boundary in academic lives between work and family has, at least historically, meant that work has been all pervasive, often to the detriment of family.

Despite its advantages of independence and flexibility, it is psychologically difficult. It is the unbounded nature of the academic career that is the heart of the problem.

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Time is critical for professors, because there is not enough of it to do all the things their job requires: It is therefore impossible for faculty to protect other aspects of their lives. Therefore, institutions should adopt policies that contemplate, for example, the existence of blended families created by divorce and remarriage, and policies that include domestic partners, adopted and foster children, and other household members who live in a family group.

Administrators and faculty members should be alert to the many forms that discrimination may take against those with a variety of family responsibilities throughout their careers.Dividing the responsibilities in a family is different, depend on the culture.

For instance, it is common for a Japanese household that the husband is the one who goes to work, giving financial support for the whole family, while the wife usually retreats from her previous work, willingly take care of all the house chores and raising children.

Moreover, responsibility also comes in a form of concern about the feelings of the family members. Family is a union of people, who are bonded by the emotional or physical relation with each other.

Essay about family responsibilities

Everyone in the family has a share of responsibility or function in the family/5(21). My responsibility towards my family essay. Responsibilities Of Man In The Family - UK Essays 21 Apr In other words, family is a cell of a modern society.

Family is an assembly of people who have marital relationship and blood related individuals, living under the same roof.

Essay about family responsibilities

A group of many families living together is considered a society. In other words, family is a cell of a modern society. Essay on Career and Changing Family Roles Words | 4 Pages (Frank, ).

The traditional family is characterized by the division of roles whereby one spouse (husband) is involved primarily in paid work and the other spouse (wife) primarily attends to family work, specifically the activities of household and child care (Pleck, ).

Essay Roles and Responsibilities of a Teacher Assessment Question 1 – Roles and Responsibilities as a Teacher As in every profession, roles, responsibilities and boundaries are set in order to define the line indicating the acceptable limits.

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