Influence of foreign culture in bangladesh

Globalization has opened many ways to explore extraneous cultures, and gives Bangladesh an amazing opportunity to know about foreign cultures.

Influence of foreign culture in bangladesh

Impact of Western Culture On Young Generation Abstract The main focus of this study is to explore the impact of western culture on young generation. These people were randomly selected from Khulna city corporation area of Bangladesh.

Findings indicate that most of the people of young generation are habituated with various pattern of western culture. They are adapted with dress pattern, film and literature, family pattern, cultural festival, English language, education system, food habit, religious behavior, technology and so on.

This study also indicates that our education system have failed to teach the young generation about the culture and tradition of our country.

Influence of foreign culture in bangladesh

And the education system is mainly western influenced. But it is a matter of hope that, many of the members of young generation still have the courage to maintain our traditional culture avoiding western culture.

From the historical perspective, Bangladeshi culture has rich literary heritage. The riverside landscape and the monsoon climate are closely related to the cultural practices of this country. It focuses the lifestyles and culture value of the indigenous people.

From the earlier age, people give value and maintain social customs which are in our culture. However, people are now following some of the western cultures beside their own one.

Mostly, the young generation is very much interested on English movies, western music, dresses, foods and other things rather than Bengali culture. Now, young generation and even also middle age people are not that much conscious about Bengali culture because of the globalization.

In this way, Bengali culture is now no more originated by own culture, even it is losing her own value. We should reconsider ourselves to adopt and habituate with western culture.

Statement of the Problem: Young generation is the future of a country. Every country depends for the building of their brighter future on young generation. Bangladesh is not an exception. The young generation of Bangladesh has played very important role to face the barriers and various problems regarding our country.

It is very important for government and all the general people and the senior generation to manage and observe the environment and the culture among which they are growing up and what are influencing their life.

In recent time or over some decades the situation in Bangladesh of the young generation has been changed. This change mainly seen in the process of culture and culture related issues.

Because, if we see the present time or can see back few years, there must be reveal a huge effect of Western and Indian culture upon the young generation of Bangladesh. This effect of Western culture is both bad and good among the present generation of Bangladesh.

But the main concerning topic is that the culture of young generation is changing through the impact of Western culture. We can see the effect of change in the pattern of dress, pattern of fashion, pattern of education, pattern of thinking, pattern of conversation, pattern of communication, pattern of music and other medias, pattern of job and work, pattern of moral, pattern of behavior and so on.

The globalization and the proliferation of the mass media confronted the risks of cultural uniformity with the possibilities of unprecedented cultural integration.

The problem starts with the world or global culture.May 20,  · Impact of Globalization on culture of the people of Bangladesh 1. Introduction Bangladesh is a melting pot of races. She, therefore, has a mixed culture. However, her deep rooted heritage is amply reflected in her architecture, literature, dance, drama, music and painting and also in people’s lifestyle.

She has own Language Bengali which boasts a. The popularity of Indian television and fashion is having an impact on Bangladesh’s language, film industry and even cultural celebrations, writes Abdullah Al Hasan, 23, a Correspondent from Dhaka in Bangladesh, who argues that response is in the hands of Bangladesh’s consumers/5(4).

May 09,  · The effects of western culture on young generation of Bangladesh are not always negative. But it is a matter of big anxiety that the young generation is adopting negative sides of western culture very much.

foreign lifestyles which are detrimental to the social norms and values of Bangladesh. This study has been conducted to understand the influence of satellite television on the culture of Bangladesh. Foreign Influences on Turkish Culture. foreign influences on every culture.

When it comes to the Turkish culture, having a wide geographic area, being located between Europe and Asia, playing a role as a host to hundreds of cultures are determiner factors for Turkish culture to be influenced by foreign cultures.

Article On Influence Of Western Culture On Bangladesh. Western Cultures overbearing influence has deteriated Indian Culture Introduction Thus, it is important to study how foreign cultures and media influence local cultures, and whether local cultures are eroded by foreign influences and media.

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