K201 lecture portion

The costs of oxy-combustion capture have not been studied to the same depth because of the immaturity of the technology. Although commercial examples of the technology are still not in existence it is now felt that there has been sufficient advance in knowledge to attempt a cost study of similar accuracy. The process is applicable to both natural gas and coal fired power plant although the equipment used for the different fuels is quite different.

K201 lecture portion

The design of this product contains special hardware, many circuits and components specially for K201 lecture portion purposes. For continued protection, no changes should be made to the original design unless authorized in writing by the manufacturer. Replacement parts must be identical to those used in the original circuits.

Service should be performed by qualified personnel only. Alterations of the design or circuitry of the products should not be made. Any design alterations or additions will void the manufacturer's warranty and will further relieve the manufacturer of responsibility for personal injury or property damage resulting therefrom.

Many electrical and mechanical parts in the products have special safety-related characteristics. These characteristics are often not evident from visual inspection nor can the protection afforded by them necessarily be obtained by using replacement components rated for higher voltage, wattage, etc.

Replacement parts which have these special safety characteristics are identified in the parts list of Service manual.

K201 lecture portion

Electrical components having such features are identified by shading on the schematics and by on the parts list in Service manual. The use of a substitute replacement which does not have the same safety characteristics as the recommended replacement part shown in the parts list of Service manual may cause shock, fire, or other hazards.

Use isolation transformer when hot chassis. The chassis and any sub-chassis contained in some products are connected to one side of the AC power line. An isolation transformer of adequate capacity should be inserted between the product and the AC power supply point while performing any service on some products when the HOT chassis is exposed.

Some model's power circuit is partly different in the GND. If above note will not be kept, a fuse or any parts will be broken.

The high voltage applied to the picture tube must conform with that specified in Service manual. Excessive high voltage can cause an increase in -Ray emission, arcing and possible component damage, therefore operation under excessive high voltage conditions should be kept to a minimum, or should be prevented.

If severe arcing occurs, remove the AC power immediately and determine the cause by visual inspection incorrect installation, cracked or melted high voltage harness, poor soldering, etc. To maintain the proper minimum level of soft -Ray emission, components in the high voltage circuitry including the picture tube must be the exact replacements or alternatives approved by the manufacturer of the complete product.

Do not check high voltage by drawing an arc. Use a high voltage meter or a high voltage probe with a TM. When service is required, observe the original lead dress. Extra precaution should be given to assure correct lead dress in the high voltage circuit area.

Where a short circuit has occurred, those components that indicate evidence of overheating should be replaced. Always use the manufacturer's replacement components. Withstand a voltage of AC r. This method of test requires a test equipment not generally found in the service trade.

Using a Leakage Current Tester, measure the leakage current from each exposed metal part of the cabinet, particularly any exposed metal part having a return path to the chassis, to a known good earth ground water pipe, etc.

Any leakage current must not exceed 0. However, in tropical area, this must not exceed 0. Use an AC voltmeter having ohms per volt or more sensitivity in the following manner.

Measure the AC voltage across the resistor with the AC voltmeter. Move the resistor connection to each exposed metal part, particularly any exposed metal part having a return path to the chassis, and measure the AC voltage across the resistor.

Now, reverse the plug in the AC outlet and repeat each measurement. Any voltage measured must not exceed 0. This corresponds to 0. High voltage hold down circuit check.

After repair of the high voltage hold down circuit, this circuit shall be checked to operate correctly. See item How to check the high voltage hold down circuit. This mark shows a fast operating fuse, the letters indicated below show the rating. Adjustment with the remote control unit is made on the basis of the initial setting values, however, the new setting values which set the screen to its optimum condition may differ from the initial settings.

Make sure that AC power is turned on correctly. Turn on the power for the set and test equipment before use, and start the adjustment procedures after waiting at least 30 minutes.

Unless otherwise specified, prepare the most suitable reception or input signal for adjustment.an internalized portion of the internet, protected from outside access, that allows an organization to provide accurate access of info and application Extranet an intranet that is available to strategic allies (Customers, suppliers, partners).

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Information Systems exist to help organizations achieve their strategies. True. Competitive Strategy. K Lecture Terms. system a group of components that interact to achieve some purpose. IS a group of components that interact to produce info.

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