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Our EHR for Surgical Specialists has been made in a way which maximizes revenues, improves workflow efficiencies and results in better quality of care administered. CureMD seamlessly integrates with labs, radiology centers, medical devices, diagnostic equipment and Health Information Exchanges HIE to improve your operations.

Medical center ehr

Specifically, the Nicholas E. Davies Award recognizes the use of the electronic health record EHR to successfully improve health-care delivery processes and patient safety while achieving a demonstrated return on investment.

Medical center ehr

The medical center in Sacramento and affiliated UC Davis clinics serve a large, highly diverse, inland Northern California population that is spread out over 33 counties and approximately 65, square miles.

To be considered for the Davies award, UC Davis Health System submitted case studies in five different topic areas that highlight how UC Davis has fully integrated health information technologies to improve patient care and safety, and to advance research and cost control.

Summaries of the case studies are as follows: Targeting National Patient Safety Goals, such as making sure important test results and patient medication information gets passed along to the right people at the right time, UC Davis deployed its EHR system to support the exchange of patient clinical data within the health system and beyond.

It is now averaging more than 64, records of multiple types per month with non-affiliated care providers. Record sharing extends far beyond the Sacramento area to include distant parts of California and a number of other states. The EHR system has emerged as one of the most transformative events in the history of the health system.

It has become the new foundation for care delivery, providing sophisticated tools for reliable, transparent and safe clinical practices, especially for quality-of-care improvements such as reducing infection rates.

Life-threatening complications from infections such as sepsis and ventilator-associated pneumonia were significantly reduced with the help of the EHR and other clinical software applications, which gave hospital personnel the tools to better monitor and sustain best practices in infection control.

For the past 20 years, the UC Davis Center for Health and Technology Program in Sacramento has been providing health-care services to rural underserved communities throughout the state using telecommunications technologies. Its telehealth program is one of the largest in the country, having provided nearly 37, synchronous real time and asynchronous digitally captured and stored information available for review at a later time telemedicine consultations, through highly secure, medical-grade connections, in more than 50 different clinical specialties.

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The center also expanded its reach through an internationally recognized and accredited education program, by helping create the California Telehealth Network, and by advancing crucial telehealth policies at state and federal levels as well as being a catalyst for a number of significant eHealth initiatives.

To achieve its goals of improving the effectiveness of communication among caregivers, as well as engaging patients and families in managing and making care decisions, the health system took a holistic approach to privacy and security of information and communications.

It embraced a multi-faceted effort aimed at achieving a careful balance between safeguarding protected health information and avoiding overly restrictive access controls that could interfere with patient care. UC Davis created a number of innovative processes and software tools to manage access to clinical content.

It also made significant investments in modern security technology that are uncommon for care providers. In addition, it paid particular attention to encrypting client computers and securing thumb drives, relevant emails and computer backup media.

What Does the EHR Data Access Core Provide?

The EHR and associated technologies have had a dramatic impact on UC Davis Health System by enabling it to realize significant returns on the clinical technology investment in the form of enhanced revenues and reduced costs. But enhanced revenue and reduced costs for the health system are the additional benefits of EHR implementation.

We embraced health information technologies because they truly complemented our long-standing commitment to quality care and patient safety. Their efforts and achievements have truly advanced the health information technology industry and all of their case studies serve as valuable reference information for other organizations.

Applications are accepted throughout the year. UC Davis Health System is improving lives and transforming health care by providing excellent patient care, conducting groundbreaking research, fostering innovative, interprofessional education, and creating dynamic, productive partnerships with the community.


The academic health system includes one of the country's best medical schools, a bed acute-care teaching hospital, a member physician's practice group and the new Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing. It is home to a National Cancer Institute-designated comprehensive cancer center, an international neurodevelopmental institute, a stem cell institute and a comprehensive children's hospital.

Other nationally prominent centers focus on advancing telemedicine, improving vascular care, eliminating health disparities and translating research findings into new treatments for patients.

Together, they make UC Davis a hub of innovation that is transforming health for all. For more information, visit healthsystem.The Electronic Health Records Data Access Core facility was established to provide research access to electronic health data from our health care information system [EPIC and Legacy EHR .

by Mercy's Jennifer Harutunian Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences (OSU-CHS) has signed an agreement with Mercy Technology Services (MTS) to install, host and support Epic electronic health records (EHR).

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Specific types of electronic health record (EHR) usability issues are associated with a variety of potentially serious patient harm events, according to a study released by MedStar Health researchers with the National Center for Human Factors in Healthcare.

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Pagosa Springs Medical Center. Critical access hospitals are often the lifeblood of rural areas in the United States.

Pagosa Springs Medical Center (PSMC) in southwestern Colorado says one of its major arteries is its Cerner electronic health record. Oct 05,  · While an EHR does contain the medical and treatment histories of patients, an EHR system is built to go beyond standard clinical data collected in a provider’s office and can be inclusive of a broader view of a patient’s care.

Our ambulatory surgery center (ASC) EHR and practice management solutions help improve the administration of patient care, manage the outpatient shift, and make your ASC successful.

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