Om assignment s iii to vi

This sacred Council has several aims in view: The Council therefore sees particularly cogent reasons for undertaking the reform and promotion of the liturgy. For the liturgy, "through which the work of our redemption is accomplished," [ 1 ] most of all in the divine sacrifice of the Eucharist, is the outstanding means whereby the faithful may express in their lives, and manifest to others, the mystery of Christ and the real nature of the true Church.

Om assignment s iii to vi

For the purposes of this Act, Om assignment s iii to vi following terms shall have the following meanings: Decisions relating to the appointment, discharge, suspension, dismissal or transfer of a public official shall be considered to be individual decisions.

The same applies to administrative decisions imposing a disciplinary penalty on a public official or granting him a pension. The King may in cases of doubt decide what are to be considered individual decisions under this paragraph or that other cases concerning public service shall be considered to be individual decisions.

Decisions relating to the summary dismissal of a case or involving the use of special enforcement measures for the implementation of an administrative decision shall also be considered to be individual decisions. In the application of the first paragraph, an administrative agency shall have the same status as a private legal person if the agency has the same interest or status in the case as private parties may have.

The scope of certain provisions of the Act The provisions of Chapters IV to VI are applicable only to cases concerning individual decisions and the provisions of Chapter VII only to cases concerning regulations. With regard to such individual decisions as are mentioned in section 2, second paragraph, the King may prescribe that Chapters IV to VI shall, in whole or in part, not apply to certain specified cases or to certain officials.

Administrative decisions relating to appointments shall in any case be excepted from the provisions in sections 24 and 25 requiring grounds to be given for a decision, the provisions in sections 28 to 34 inclusive concerning appeal, and the provisions in section 35, third paragraph, concerning reversal of a decision unless the administrative agency concerned otherwise decides.

An administrative decision relating to discharge or dismissal made by a municipal or county municipal body is excepted from the provisions in sections 28 to 34 inclusive concerning appeal. Exceptions in respect of certain public institutions and certain cases etc.

Unless otherwise specially provided, this Act shall not apply to a the functions of the courts of law, including registration and notarial transactions and similar functions which are performed at the office of a judge, b cases dealt with or decided by the administrative agency itself pursuant to the statutes relating to the administration of justice the Criminal Procedure Acts, the Courts of Justice Act, the Civil Procedure Act, the Arbitration Act, the Enforcement Act, the Judicial Assessment Act or statutes associated with such Acts the Bankruptcy Act, the Administration of Estates Act and the Debt Settlement Actor the Land Consolidation Act or the Court Fees Act.

Nevertheless, if an administrative decision that comes under the first paragraph may be appealed to the Ministry, this Act shall apply to the Ministry's handling of the case under appeal.

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This Act applies to Svalbard, unless otherwise prescribed by the King. The King's power to issue certain provisions concerning the scope of this Act In cases of doubt, the King may decide how the definitions in section 2, first paragraph, shall be applied within a particular sector.

He may in cases of doubt also prescribe what shall be considered an administrative agency for the purpose of applying this Act and what shall be considered a court of law.

Om assignment s iii to vi

He may prescribe that the provisions of the Act regarding individual decisions or regulations shall apply, in whole or in part, to decisions that do not constitute administrative decisions by virtue of section 2.

When the realm is at war or under the threat of war or the independence or security of the realm is endangered, the King may prescribe that this Act or other provisions governing administrative procedure shall in whole or in part cease to apply.

Sections 3 and 4 of Act of 15 December No. Concerning disqualification Section 6. Requirements as to impartiality A public official shall be disqualified from preparing the basis for a decision or from making any decision in an administrative case a if he himself is a party to the case; b if he is related by blood or by marriage to a party in direct line of ascent or descent, or collaterally as close as a sibling; c if he is or has been married or is engaged to a party, or is the foster parent or foster child of a party; d if he is the guardian or agent of a party to the case or has been the guardian or agent of a party after the case began; e if he is the head of, or holds a senior position in, or is a member of the board of directors or the corporate assembly of 1.

He is similarly disqualified if there are any other special circumstances which are apt to impair confidence in his impartiality; due regard shall inter alia be paid to whether the decision in the case may entail any special advantage, loss or inconvenience for him personally or for anyone with whom he has a close personal association.

Chapter I. Scope of the Act. Definitions

Due regard shall also be paid to whether any objection to the official's impartiality has been raised by one of the parties. If the superior official is disqualified, the case may not be decided by any directly subordinate official in the same administrative agency.

The rules governing disqualification shall not apply if it is evident that the official's connection with the case or the parties will not influence his standpoint and neither public nor private interests indicate that he should stand down.

The scope of the second and fourth paragraphs may be further specified in regulations prescribed by the King.

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Provisional decision Regardless of whether an official is disqualified, he may deal with a case or make a provisional decision in a case if it cannot be postponed without causing considerable inconvenience or harm.

Decision concerning the question of disqualification The official shall himself decide whether he is disqualified. He shall submit the question to his immediate superior for decision if a party so requests and this may be done without undue loss of time, or if the official himself otherwise finds reason to do

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27 In the Sidumo case (supra) the commissioner considered Mr Sidumo's service record in his concluded that dismissal was too harsh a sanction and motivated it as follows: There had been no losses suffered by the Mine; the violation had been unintentional or had been a "mistake"; and Mr Sidumo had not been dishonest.

2 No. Act No.9 of GOVERNMENT GAZETTE, 14 JUNE Community Schemes Om bud Service Act, (English text signed by the President) (Assented to 11 June ). View Homework Help - OSH Unit VIII Assignment from OSH at Walden University.

Review Submission History: Unit VIII Assignment — OSH Page 1 of 2 it Deere Fox §~§ Unit Viti Review93%(27). This guide contains the details of over 5, databases or "systems of records" in which the US Government maintains information on individuals.

Om assignment s iii to vi
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