Paper bead patterns

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Paper bead patterns

Making paper beads is a traditional craft that goes back, in England at least, as far as the Victorian age. Young ladies would gather socially in their dining rooms, whilst making handmade paper beads from scraps of wallpaper rolled on knitting needles.

They would then polish the beads with bees wax and string them on to long pieces of yarn. They would then be used to make door curtains to divide rooms. This practice was then revived in the s and 30s for paper bead jewellery making. More recently Paper bead patterns made paper beads have been made in cooperatives as part of development projects in countries such as Uganda.

This sees a move away from charitable aid towards business enterprises that provide sustainable income and development opportunities. The techniques used for African paper beads remains largely the same as used in Victorian times, but with scrap paper from printing companies and paper recycling markets, rather than wallpaper samples.

The most notable enterprise of this nature is a Scottish based company called Mzuribeads who market and sell ethical Ugandan paper beads, as well as cow horn beads, barkcloth beads, banana leaf beads and lampwork beads made from recycled glass. You can also buy paper beads from independent bead making artists around the world, often sold through their own web sites, or online market places such as Etsy and Artfire.

Big Bead Little Bead has a selection of over different Unique Paper Beads for you to choose from, created by several talented independent bead makers. Paper — Magazine pages, wrapping paper, wallpaper, and coloured art paper, or more specialist papers such as handmade Japanese Washi paper or Chiyogami paper.

Pencil — for marking up the paper. Ruler — for measuring up. Craft Knife, Rotary Cutter or Scissors — for cutting out.

If you are using scissors you should use the longest pair available so as to reduce the number of cuts required along each length. Straight Edge — for cutting against. Self Healing Cutting Mat — for cutting on. Metal Skewer or Thin Wooden Dowel — for rolling paper against. Commercially made paper bead rollers are also available.

Soft Paint Brush — for applying glue to the paper. Glue — for securing your rolled beads. Undiluted PVA is perfect but there are many other alternatives including glue sticks.Shop for sewing patterns from JOANN Fabric & Craft Stores.

How to Make a Basic Paper Bead

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Paper beads are an easy way to get started in bead making, is a great kids jewelry craft, and is great fun for both adults and crafts can also become very elegant and creative in the hands of a jewelry artist, and there are many pro jewelry artisans who have made the humble paper bead .

Paper Beads Template Paper Bead Jewelry Jewelry Crafts Paper Glue Bead Crafts Fun Crafts Paper Models Greeting Cards Paper Crafting Forward This is a really fun craft and can be used for just about anything from jewelry making to.

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Paper bead patterns
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