Polyphonic hmi marketing strategy

Make use of the business connections of the advisory board at Polyphonic to get better reach to decision makers at record labels. Offer free trial reports to convince record labels and an initial lower cost for buyers along with discounts for high volumes ordered over a fiscal year.

Polyphonic hmi marketing strategy

The various distribution channels differ in costs, customer relationships, complexity and the resources required to operate the channel. You have to make sure the distribution channels you select match and reinforce the goals and objectives of your marketing plan.

Direct Selling Many businesses choose the direct-sales channel, because you have access to the customer and keep all revenue under the control of the company.

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Direct sales let you do your market research and choose your own customers while setting the selling price. The downside is that it takes a lot of time and focus away from your main preoccupation: Direct selling is a good match for a marketing plan that has identified, researched and segmented the final customers.

Wholesale When you have difficulties establishing who your retail customers will be and don't have time to go out and sell, your marketing plan can focus on wholesale distribution.

This choice is especially valid if your potential customers are widely dispersed or located far from your facilities.


Wholesale distribution leaves the selling to wholesalers and retailers specialized in retail sales. Because they have the sales costs, you may receive only a portion of the final sales price, but you can focus on manufacturing the best product at the lowest cost. Mail Order Mail order is a low-cost distribution channel that is convenient for the customer.

You can use mail order by buying mailing lists or placing ads in a suitable publication.

Polyphonic hmi marketing strategy

If you send out material to a mailing list, you need fliers and other materials. The mailing list has to target the demographic groups that you expect will buy your products, as described in your marketing plan.

With time, you can create your own mailing lists complete with customer profiles and preferences. Online A channel that is disruptive to the traditional ways of marketing and distribution is the online channel. Online selling features disintermediation, or the removal of intermediaries, while still reaching large groups of potential customers.

Cutting out the middle man while retaining the ability to sell to a broadly-based market makes online sales particularly attractive. Harnessing social networks, online ad campaigns and message boards to spread the word, you can achieve substantial sales volumes quickly.

Your marketing plan has to have an overall strategy, because online sales can suffer from instability and large variations unless there is a strategic direction to keep potential customers engaged.Radiohead: Music at Your Own Price (B) Polyphonic HMI: Mixing Music and Math; Philips Compact Disc Introduction (A) Comcast Corp.

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The principal challenge involved in marketing Polyphonic HMI’s HSS software is its novelty. Essentially, HMI’s goal is not only to launch new software, but to build a new market. The crude marketing challenges associated with this task, necessitate the development of a sound, contextually based contingency plan.

Week 1 Course Introduction. Marketing Strategy. The Service Economy. Week 2 Customer Value. Customer Relationship Management.

Week 3 CMR Enterprises (case write-up). Market Sizing and Segmentation. Week 4 New Product Introductions. Going-to-Market. Week 5 Polyphonic HMI: Mixing Music and Math (case write up).

Positioning. Polyphonic HMI: Mixing Music and Math Entertainment caninariojana.com 2, HMI POLYPHONIC MIXING MUSIC AND MATH SUGGESTED MARKETING STRATEGIES BY SHASANK caninariojana.com McCready is an entrepreneur in the music industry, CEO of Music Xray. Study penned by Anita Elberse titled Polyphonic HMI.

As Music Xray is defining 21st century A&R, the vision behind Music Xray didn’t start at Music Xray. My first attempt to lower risk when investing in the promotion and marketing of music began at Polyphonic HMI and the service I launched there called Hit Song Science (HSS).

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