Project scope statement week 2

Each section is explained in detail below. The objective section states the marketing or business objectives of the project, and a high-level overview of the solution.

Project scope statement week 2

In September and Octoberthe public was invited to provide input on topics the EIS should study.

Project scope statement week 2

The comment period runs through Thursday, June 7, Members of the public may submit comments in the following ways: By email to prc seattle. BoxSeattle, WA All comments are reviewed equally, regardless of the comment method.

The Draft EIS is available in two parts: The main elements of the proposal include: Parking for vehicles will be provided below-grade.

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The project will include city permits and approvals for the proposed development as well as a subdivision action. Agencies, affected tribes, and members of the public were invited to comment on the content and emphasis the scope of the Draft EIS during the comment period.

SDCI EIS Summary of Scoping Comments Transportation The Oak View Group was asked to identify transportation impacts from the Project and multimodal strategies they would utilize through transportation infrastructure, operations, programmatic and transit service improvements to address and mitigate those impacts.

The multimodal transportation strategies should comply with the Seattle Comprehensive Plan and Climate Action goals and focus on accommodating trips to and from the Arena while minimizing single-occupancy SOV trips and minimizing impacts to Seattle Center, the Uptown Urban Center, and surrounding neighborhoods.

The City will establish a separate fund or account "City Transportation Fund" to be managed in the sole discretion of the City, considering input from stakeholders affected by the Development Project, and used to fund transportation improvements in the neighborhoods surrounding Seattle Center.

The City Transportation Fund will fund some of the projects identified in the Mobility Action Plan see belowincluding projects that may improve network connectivity for people of all ages and abilities to walk and bike, enhance transit service and connectivity, and improve overall traffic management in the Seattle Center area.

The City will seek other public and private partners and funding for the purposes of advancing the objectives of the City Transportation Fund, including but not limited to King County and the Port of Seattle. The AAMP will identify a range of strategies for all people traveling to and from events at the arena.

The AAMP will include performance metrics that describe the intended effectiveness of the mitigation, and would also describe a periodic monitoring program to measure its effectiveness. Both the City and OVG want Arena attendees to have a positive experience traveling to and from the venue.

The draft AAMP contains strategies to increase the use and attractiveness of transit, walking, and biking, along with traffic and ridehailing management techniques to ensure that people who travel via car effectively navigate to their parking, drop-off, or pick-up location.

This is a draft document that contains access strategies that will continue to be reworked and refined. The draft AAMP can be downloaded below. The AAMP is a flexible, 'living' document, which will be amended by the City and OVG annually, if needed, as transportation conditions or travel behaviors change and based on experience and input from additional parties, including the City, Seattle Center, OVG, police and fire departments, and local transit agencies.

Download the draft AAMP here. This document should be downloaded or viewed in Firefox or Internet Explorer to see the proper display. Mobility Transportation Committee meeting agendas: The plan will build on previous community and transportation planning work, and will identify new actions and prioritize transportation improvements in the neighborhoods of Uptown, Belltown, and South Lake Union.

The Mobility Action Plan will recommend and prioritize projects to improve mobility throughout North Downtown.Introduction -- include your scope statement and summarize your key research questions 2.

Body of the paper, with appropriate headings and subheadings; this will include the conceptual/contextual essay as well as the presentation and analysis of materials that you have drawn from primary sources.

 Project Scope Statement-Week 2 Alene Bennett PROJ – Project Management Systems January 17, Professor John Sharifi Project Scope Statement Project Name Espresso & Eats Cafe Project Number Project Manager Jane Doe Johnson Prioritization High Owner(s) Alene Bennett Project Description The Espresso .

GIAC Certified Project Manager (GCPM) View Professionals; Target. The GCPM certification is designed for security professionals and managers who participate in or lead project teams and wish to demonstrate an understanding of technical project management methodology and implementation.

Course Project Part 1—Due Week 2 For Part 1 of the Course Project, assume you have been appointed project manager of a new project for your organization. Your first assignment is to create a scope statement and WBS for this project.

Project Charter. Project Title and Description (What is the project?) Customer Satisfaction Fix-It Project Over the last few months, the quality assurance department has discovered many of our customers’ orders for our XYZ equipment have taken the customer ten times longer to place through our computer network than our competitors’ networks.

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Project scope statement week 2
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