Syria genocide essay

According to the Syrian Center for Policy Research, an independent Syrian research organization, the death toll from the conflict as of February wasThe spread and intensification of fighting has led to a dire humanitarian crisis, with 6. By mid, an estimated 1 million people were living in besieged areas and denied life-saving assistance and humanitarian aid. More thanhave been detained or disappeared sincethe vast majority by government forces, including 4, between January and Juneaccording to the Syrian Network for Human Rights.

Syria genocide essay

These were experiences of profound importance as I also discovered that genocide has happened again and Syria genocide essay, and the world often stood back and watched. Armenia, Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia, Sudan.

And so we have watched Syria. What is the world responsible for in Syria? What about you and me as human beings? What is the right thing to do? The United Nations will keep organizing talks that do not bring peace, and the Security Council will remain too divided to stop the bloodshed.

It might deter the Assad regime from using chemical weapons. For a little while. But plenty of bombs have been dropped and the massacre and violence perpetuates.

Yet, if countries united in strategy, then the massacre would stop. But maybe five or ten dollars will serve a few meals or buy some blankets. If everyone sent five or ten dollars, then the humanitarian situation would improve. If everyone signed—hundreds of millions of people—then the government would have to pay attention.

If everyone wrote an op-ed about, honestly, how they feel, then we would better understand each other. Syria has become the epicenter of a proxy war to assert various geopolitical power in the region.

Assad does mostly as he pleases, backed by Russia. Hundreds of thousands are dead. We talk about The Donald and his apparent affair with an adult film star and his outrageous Tweets. But we have also proven that action is possible.

Look at the beacon of hope that the survivors of Parkland have created in the March For Our Lives movement. Change, albeit slow, is happening right now in gun legislation across the country.

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In , violence continued to escalate inside Syria amid an absence of meaningful efforts to end the war or reduce abuses. The government and its allies carried out deliberate and indiscriminate.

The Syrian crisis began in early when Syrian President Bashar al-Assad began a brutal crackdown on growing peaceful protests throughout the country. Jun 17,  · GENEVA — Islamic State forces have committed genocide and other war crimes in a continuing effort to exterminate the Yazidi religious minority in Syria and Iraq, United Nations investigators.

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Syria genocide essay

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