The advantages of incumbency essay

The candidate already in office nearly always wins. Political scientists call this "the Incumbency Effect. In the past 17 congressional elections -- since -- more than 90 percent of representatives in office have won re-election.

The advantages of incumbency essay

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If congress gets such low approval ratings, why do the overwhelming majority of sitting representatives keep getting reelected The answer often comes down to the advantages of incumbency, which are numerous, however there are also many disadvantages that come from being a know entity.

Advantages of Incumbency 1.

The advantages of incumbency essay

When it comes time to vote, name recognition is one of the primary benefits of incumbency, especially in more obscure races. This association is often enough to overcome challenges from more obscure rivals.

Institutional Support By running from within the system, officials can use many of the advantages that come with their office. Interest groups and other supporters are much more likely to get behind someone with a proven track record of responding to their needs than an unknown challenger.

Also, there are many tools and resources available to office holders through the system of support behind the organization, like voter databases as well as contact information, that can be used to their advantage. Fund Raising Connections with powerful constituencies and the power to influence decisions on their behalf often allows incumbents to raise far more money than those who are working from outside the system.

Historical precedent and data confirms that elected officials are often able to out raise and spend their opponents in races that require fund raising.

Disadvantages of Incumbency 1. Proven Track Record Many upstarts find their opening to elected office by running against either the personal or official track record of their opponent.

While this goes both ways, any controversial decision an office holder makes is potential ammunition in the hands of their challenger.

Incumbency advantage ap gov essay

Enemies When you are responsible for making decisions, the outcome may not be palatable to some of the stakeholders. Come election time, there are likely to remember.

When these constituencies are wealthy corporations or powerful individuals, it can make it that much harder to hold onto office when they are actively working against you.Le consentement au marriage dissertation meaning incumbency advantage ap gov essay.

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Dec 17,  · What are the disadvantages of incumbency in congress? Follow. 3 answers 3. Will the anti incumbency movement sweep the filth from congress this november? More questions. Incumbency Advantages and Disadvantages for American Congressmembers?

Why do members of Congress have such a high incumbency rate?Status: Resolved. The Increasing Advantage Of Incumbency In the U.S. States This paper uses district-level electoral returns to estimate the size of the incumbency advantage in 24 U.S. states over the period from to Our major findings are two: first, the incumbency advantage in the median state roughly doubled.

advantages. Psychologically, party and incumbency are thought to becon°icting voting cues, and rising incumbency advantages inthe House occur inan era of declining party.4 The third idea is that declining challenger quality has driven incumbency advantages up.

Essay Assignment 2Question- Identify and explain advantages and pitfalls of incumbency. Why do congressional incumbents have such a high rate of reelection? What major difficulties do incumbents face for reelection?

For each advantage and pitfall, clearly explain what it is AND provide an example (or examples) and/or concrete supporting information/evidence mentioned by Patterson.

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