The documentary on under the dome and the issues of the chinas air pollution problem

We are not getting to the crux of the issue if we do not see this problem. Since its release online on Saturday, Under the Dome has notched up some m views on major Chinese video portals such as Tencent and Youku. It has also prompted million posts on Sina Weibo, a microblogging site. As part of the film, Chai took field trips to London and Los Angeles, and visited polluting factories to look at past instances where smog claimed thousands of lives.

The documentary on under the dome and the issues of the chinas air pollution problem

While devastatingly critical of all levels of China government, it had been allowed to air to the masses for a week. A speculative look at soon to be released Financial Results and beyond.

The "Under the Dome" Documentary If you are not familiar with the above documentary translated with captionsrather than take up your time attempting to give a long personal description, let me give some eloquent quotes from, and links to, two recent U.

NPR- March 04, Environmentalists are hailing it as an eye-opener for Chinese citizens. The filmmaker, Chai Jing, was an investigative reporter and anchor at state broadcaster China Central Television.

She quit her job last year to take care of her daughter, who was successfully treated for a benign tumor. That means that for half of the year, I had no choice but to keep her at home, shut in like a prisoner.

The documentary on under the dome and the issues of the chinas air pollution problem

My first trip to visit Kandi in November ofspanned nine days and six cities covering some miles by car, miles by rail, and miles of in-country flight. The first thing I noticed in each city aside from massive auto, bike and moped traffic, was how impeccably clean the streets and common areas were in each city.

While we had little rain, at no time did I see anything resembling blue sky or stars at night. On my second day in Tianjin visiting a beautiful park, I noticed there were no birds to be seen anywhere; an observation that carried through to all of the cities with the exception of coastal Xiamen with some sea birds.

First thought of course was, "could this be from air pollution? On my personal flight, mid-route to Shanghai Pudong Airport, the pilot notified that there was a possibility that we may have to divert going into Shanghai as a fierce typhoon was close to making landfall just South of Shanghai.

Several hours later as we were descending for landing at Shanghai, the Captain made an interesting comment to all, "Well, thanks to the Typhoon turning further South, you are all in for a rare treat for this area; a beautiful blue sky".

After spending the first night in Shanghai, woefully the next morning we were greeted with a heavy smog. Leaving that morning by impressive electric high speed train, we spent the following three days visiting Kandi facilities in Hangzhou, Changxing and Jinhua under noticeably heavy smog intermixed with rain.

Upon entering the open freeway, I glanced up at the sky and was greeted by a beautiful pristine, almost full moon and stars.

A "taken-for-granted" observation that would have likely gone unnoticed had I not just viewed the "Under the Dome" documentary. The realization how much we Americans take these wonderful "little things" for granted, hit home. You will not hear any mention of Kandi. In fact, you will not even hear the mention of electric vehicles, nor much about any "solution" to the air problems in China.

From that day forward, as a 41 year seasoned U. Gradually, as the years passed, one article a week became one article a day, and now anywhere from three or four to several dozen articles a day pop up in search. What has made it particularly frustrating to me and others I know who also "fish" each morning for Kandi news in China, is that only about one in five Kandi "happenings" we read about in the China media ever seems to make it to a US press release.

When asked of Mr. However, after watching the Dome, and seeing the layers of protectionist government bureaucrats, anyone should quickly realize how impressive a job Hu has done in spite of all of the obstructionism.

His taking this one time obscure "Go-Kart" maker with no auto manufacturer license new licenses have not been issued in China since and wisely partnering up with China top passenger car maker Geely Auto OTCPK: GELYFmust have been a frightening challenge.

The documentary on under the dome and the issues of the chinas air pollution problem

Even more impressive, Kandi ranks 1 in pure EVs in China and 4 globally when hybrids are excluded from the rankings. Crossing provincial and city borders making CarShare sales to nine cities and seven provinces totaling 14, since JV inception 11, in And as you can see from the table below, sales were made to some of the largest cities and provinces in China.

Hu is reticent to make announcements prematurely. This left Kandi and Geely each currently owning 9. That clearly is the end goal of the various levels of the Chinese government.

In lateKandi was brought into a fact-finding investigation by the SEC, likely instigated by several of the writers of some forty 40 attack articles over the last three years.

Credit for causing the investigation has been openly proclaimed by several of the writers after Kandi took the rare and unnecessary step in publicly acknowledging the investigation in March of for the sake of transparency. However, after 14 months of investigation, last month the SEC notified the Company that they concluded the investigation with no action against the Company.

Since the investigation has been terminated, these same detractors have been and will continue to say that the investigation must not have included ZZY, but as you can see from this publically filed " Correspondence " filed with the SEC on April 14,the ZZY relationship was covered, obviously to the satisfaction of the SEC.

Please tell us and disclose in greater detail your EV sharing project. Tell us who your business partners are that are helping you to build a network of public EV sharing stations and tell us how you recognize revenue from your EV sharing network.Air pollution is surely among the top conversation topics for people in China’s big cities.

It’s rare for a week to pass in Beijing without the dreaded grey skies looming, so naturally, people wonder exactly how bad the pollution really is.

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After the release of Under the Dome, there were no documentaries or media events concerning air caninariojana.come the controversy the documentary generated, it had an impact as a milestone, and a great case which need to be studied.

AN ONLINE documentary by a former CCTV celebrity journalist on China's air pollution went viral over the weekend and has triggered inconvenient questions for the . Watch video · A move by censors to ban the documentary “Under the Dome” could backfire among a population demanding solutions for chronic air pollution.

By. Mar 08,  · "What About Oil?" 柴静调查雾霾《穹顶之下》第五集 英文字幕 Chai Jing's groundbreaking documentary on China's pollution. Part 1 is here: http://youtu. Mar 04,  · With TED Talk pacing, Under the Dome articulates the overwhelming scale of the crisis. Over a dozen major urban centres -- not just the nation's capital -- exceed China's smog limits between and days a year.

China'Watch'Canada: Interpreting China's Banned Pollution Documentary