The life and legend of florence nightingale

Mary Evans Florence pictured on the front page of the Illustrated Times in Haunted by the appalling loss of life, Florence met with one of her biggest fans, Queen Victoria. With her backing, she persuaded the government to set up a Royal Commission into the health of the army. Leading statistician William Farr and John Sutherland of the Sanitary Commission helped her analyse vast amounts of complex army data.

The life and legend of florence nightingale

This biography focuses on the feelings of the family and society during her maturation and how adamant they were that she NOT follow her interests and passion though everyone commented on her smarts and abilities.

But she endured and as she mentioned in several letters, no one wanted to see her leave the ho A fantastic biography accessible for any reader that showcases the world that Florence Nighingale had to live in in order to be the most famous and legendary nurse that she is known as today.

Society needed to make up their damn minds, but how she pushed through and followed her passion and interest remind me somewhat of Temple Grandin. I was particularly fascinated by the awards bestowed upon her from a statistical society as she worked later in life from her bedroom and used pie charts and graphs to demonstrate her point in a quick and easy manner for all.


I love that she wielded the "Nightingale power" where she basically was never really paid to do the work but affected change through the government and military.

They relied on her work to make positive changes and save lives. I liked that she kicked butt and took names.

The life and legend of florence nightingale

She ran hospitals-- she was really more a manager than a nurse in this sense. Her work made others cry! Complete engaging and fascinating, it showcases the little known understandings of Nightingale and her REAL work.

Favorite parts or quotes: From a respected mentor: One day, a senior nurse among the Anglican sisters, a Miss Jones, advised Nightingale to encourage the women and treat them kindly.

The lady with the lamp

Nightingale replied that she had no time for such trifles and hurried off to her next task.I know we wouldn’t do that to DDL, so let’s not do it to Florence Nightingale, the absolute legend.

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Florence Nightingale Collection at Wayne State University Library consists primarily of letters written by Florence Nightingale throughout her life. Major topics of the letters include medical care for the soldiers and the poor, the role of nursing, and sanitation and public works in colonized India.

The life and legend of florence nightingale

Like Woodham Smith, Bostridge believes that Nightingale was already obsessed by failure when she returned at the end of the war, which supports his argument that post-war discoveries were not the cause, but, like Woodham Smith, he relies on Nightingale's gloomy thoughts six months after her return as evidence for this intepretation.

Florence Nightingale was one of these women, known for her heroic efforts during the Crimean War, she was a highly significant figure in Victorian public life, far more embroiled in influential and political circles than possibly imagined.

Florence Nightingale - The story behind the lady with the lamp

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Florence Nightingale was born on May 12, in the Italian city of Florence and named after that city. She was the daughter of a wealthy British couple who were enjoying an extended stay in Italy on their Grand Tour of classical Europe – a popular activity with the upper classes of that era.

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