True earth case hbr answers

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True earth case hbr answers

Answers from the Bible?

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If I contradict the Bible, go with what the Bible says, and please let me know where I am wrong, and why. I will be going through doing a quick edit and adding scriptures as needed. Sorry for the delay in blogs here. That led me to this site: Hopefully I picked up the answers that please Him.

Before answering these questions, I want to establish a few things. First, some of these are questions that the natural man cannot understand. Only those with an understanding of spiritual things, the spiritual man, as the Apostle Paul says can understand these things fully, and admittedly we even see some of these things through a glass darkly.

To me, the most foolish thing someone can do is approach the Bible as merely a human effort, or simply a decent moral code. Analyzing it as such, from a finite fallen human perspective will not make sense. When looking at, and God forbid, criticizing the Bible, one must consider a long-term, eternal spiritual perspective.

As LA Marzulli says, the Bible is the guidebook to the supernatural. Why not speak everything into existence all at once? First, God took six days to make creation because He felt like it. Second, creation was a symbolic example for our benefit so that we would know the benefits of working for a number of days, then having a day of rest, and a day to delight in the Lord.

God blessed us by giving us a day of rest, but first He wanted to show us by example. The joy is in the creative process.

True earth case hbr answers

I personally think this shows that God has more love and care for us and our world because He took the extra time to make our world. The other planets and stars were "merely" spoken into being, but Creation as a whole, and earth particularly, God wanted to take more time with.

Then, Adam and Eve He sculpted out of clay! The people He would fellowship with He handmade. He could have just spoke us into being? Because He cared about us when He created us. The books of the prophets, the things that made God angry is that they were doing things harmful to themselves and others, in addition to other evil thing.

Not to mention that if God healed every injury of every person as we are now in our fallen state, I think our society would grow bored with His miracles. Recall the Israelites as they wandered for 40 years. God was before them day and night, they could hear His voice from mt Sinai, and they still doubted Him and what He could do.

They ate manna which was basically a daily miracle daily, and soon grew tired of it, even though it was a miraculous provision. A God created everything perfect, but then sin happened.

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