University entry criteria co curricular activities

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University entry criteria co curricular activities

Founded by students and for students, the Alma Mater Studiorum immediately attracted young scholars from all over Europe, bringing to life the ideal of the universality of knowledge and culture it still pursues today, also through its increasing focus on internationalisation.

University entry criteria co curricular activities

The University of Bologna was home to illustrious students including Petrarca, Boccaccio and Dante Alighieri, and a laboratory for many famous academics studying in its different schools - from law to medicine, from the arts and philosophy to mathematics and science.

Over the centuries it has developed to carve out and maintain a central role in forging knowledge for the society of the future. The University's key role in world culture was confirmed inon its nine hundredth anniversary, when the Rectors from universities from every continent met in Bologna to undersign the Magna Charta Universitatum Europaeum, formally recognising the University of Bologna as the Alma Mater of all universities.

Again, inin the University's Aula Magna, 29 European Ministers of higher education signed the Bologna Declaration which led to the start of an important — and ongoing - process to build the European Higher Education Area.

The aim is to promote European Higher Education throughout the world, increasing competitiveness and international collaboration.

Today the Alma Mater is an autonomous, non-denominational, pluralistic public institution whose primary aims are research and teaching, indissoluble activities which pursue critical knowledge that is open to dialogue and interaction among cultures, respecting the freedom of science and teaching.

The Alma Mater sets out to be a natural environment for knowledge, interpreting and orienting the transformations of its time, guaranteeing the processing, innovation, transfer and enhancement of knowledge for the advantage of both individuals and society as a whole.

Freedom, merit, excellence, internationalisation The University of Bologna promotes and safeguards the respect for basic human rights, a primary value for the whole university community. The recognition of merit and the pursuit of excellence are priority criteria that guide the development strategies and choices of the Alma Mater.

Students enrolling at the University of Bologna have a wide range of choices, in terms of both study programmes and the choice of university campus. Each campus is an integral part of its host city, offering facilities and services which accompany students throughout their university life, not only in their studies but also in cultural activities, sports and other forms of associations.

The quality of teaching is closely linked to the quality of research, and research plays a key role in the future of new generations and society generally. This profound belief underlies all the activities of the Alma Mater, which also include the skilful sourcing and use of national and international funds and the creation of strategic alliances with both institutions and the business world.

At the University of Bologna, internationalisation has been considered a strategic tool for many years. Its international dimension lies in both its history and its vocation: The Alma Mater places great attention on its organisation and works to assure the constant improvement of its processes, welcoming the challenge of combining large numbers with quality.

A long-standing promoter of relations with civil society, the institutions and businesses, and a driving force in the economic and cultural growth of the territory it operates in, the University actively contributes to the well-being of society and the increased competitive performance of the production system of the whole country.

Quality by vocation The Alma Mater is a place where knowledge is processed, transmitted and learned.

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An educational vocation which, since its foundations, has led to the definition of learning pathways focusing on the acquisition of critical skills and methodological rigour using a multitude of methods and disciplines. Today the University offers a wide and diversified, cosmopolitan and rigorous range of study programmes designed to promote students' personal, cultural and professional growth, through the transfer of the results of its research, also meeting the demands of a complex, open society.

More than 2, professors work with more than 87, students from Italy and other countries: Internationalisation is a quality feature of all teaching programmes at the Alma Mater, contributing to the promotion of positive encounters of people and ideas from all kinds of geographical origins and cultural backgrounds: Teaching at the University of Bologna is supported by numerous international agreements: The quality of the University's Programme Catalogue, which is constantly monitored through student assessments, places Bologna among the top Italian universities in the national and international league tables.

At the heart of the Alma Mater system The University of Bologna offers students a wide range of services to support and facilitate their entire study path and their overall personal growth throughout their university career. For the Alma Mater, the right to study is a priority, and is guaranteed by actions offering financial support and incentives for merit-worthy students without their own means: Students lie at the heart of the University organisation.

Incoming, information and guidance services aim to promote the aware choice of study programmes, the regularity of university careers and a reduction in the number of drop-outs. Through computerised, flexible procedures accessible from different platforms, students at the Alma Mater are able to communicate easily with the university community, organising and managing their own study paths directly online.

Accommodation, canteens, study facilities, libraries, health care and an office for the registration of rental contracts are available for students living outside the city.

Every campus provides specific services for disabled and dyslexic students as well as psychological support services. The University invests in a wide range of sports and language services, signing agreements with institutions in the city for subsidised cultural initiatives for students, and supports the activities of the student associations.

The focus on the needs of students as people, citizens and future professionals, as well as the creation, management and continuous monitoring of dedicated student services, as well as the quality of the teaching, have made the University of Bologna one of the most popular and well-attended in Italy, the most international of Italian universities, with efficiency indexes above the national average, and a valid, authoritative interlocutor for businesses and institutions, also for training courses and internships.

Along with curricular activities, the institute also emphases much importance on co-curricular activities like sports. The Fast university has a strong reputation and adheres to the highest standard of sole merit-based candidate selection through Fast online admission test. Link to Departments website. The major in Accounting at UGA is designed to give students an understanding of the theory of accounting as it is used in our society: accounting standards, financial statement preparation, product costs, budgeting, taxation, auditing, risk assessment, and controls. Categories and Criteria All categories are open to any tertiary education establishment - including all post educational institutions such as colleges, universities and learning and skills institutions.

To facilitate entry into the labour market, the University has signed agreements with around 8, public and private businesses and institutions, around of which are abroad.

Research Investing in young people for the common good International, interdisciplinary excellence that focuses on the future. Research at the University of Bologna is above all this, thanks to its 3, Professors full and associate and researchers, more than 1, research fellows and scholarship holders, the PhD programmes, dedicated departments and services.

In addition to this, investments are made in training that focuses on international research, support for basic research, a synergic network of relationships with the world of university research, the institutions and businesses.

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For the Alma Mater, research is a fundamental lever for competitiveness and employment and its key role has been demonstrated by the many achievements over the years: Within Europe, the University of Bologna stands out for the breadth of its competencies and its systematic policy of providing support services to researchers in their relations with Brussels and in the preparation of research projects.

Within the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme, funding worth 60 million Euros has been obtained for projects. Today the Alma Mater is the leading Italian university and the country's second organisation after the National Research Council for its ability to attract European funding for research projects funded in the four-year periodand 27th in the European league tables.

One factor of excellence certainly lies in the multidisciplinarity of its research:A.T. Still University offers a post-professional degree in kinesiology as well as specialized certificates in kinesiology focus areas.

The Master of Science in Kinesiology and each certificate option are designed for working health and fitness professionals and are focused on developing experts to be clinical leaders in kinesiology, exercise science, health and fitness. Co-curricular Activities Student's Welfare The UG encourages student participation in extra-curricular activities for example Sport or becoming members of existing student clubs.

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Do my co-curricular activities and work experience improve my chances? Different universities have different selection criteria.

University entry criteria co curricular activities

The primary consideration is your academic ability and potential, but for some universities, your talents and achievements in other areas are also important, especially if they are related to your chosen course of /5(). The Purdue Writing Lab Purdue University students, faculty, and staff at our West Lafayette, IN campus may access this area for information on the award-winning Purdue Writing Lab.

This area includes Writing Lab hours, services, and contact information. All applicants are required to submit certified evidence of their involvement in co-curricular activities in support of their application (see guidelines for submission in application package) Recent and/or sustained involvement of the applicant in such activities will be considered in assessing the suitability of applicants for a career in.

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