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When lovelorn characters bump uglies for the first time it can go one of two ways — either with an awkward hilarity, or with intimate, romantic perfection. Drink if… The protagonist is involved in a makeover or outfit change montage.

Virginie efira paris match making of

Bad Girl is a project that took several years to truly come to fruition — what is the story behind this lengthy development process? I was approached by Stephen Kearney one of the producers for Bad Girl about 10 years ago to write a generic revenge-based thriller.

But this one went the other way. We spent a couple of years writing around the idea of a father whose family is brought under siege by a girl who may or may not be his long-lost biological daughter. But we realised we could get a couple of up-and-coming teenage girls for the peripheral supporting roles and I wrote a couple of scenes with these two girls specifically for the purpose of being a teaser.

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After we filmed it, we realised that this was the story — this was the really interesting angle. The story of two girls fighting over a family is great. The decisions you make can largely affect how your life turns out. I rewrote the screenplay with them at the centre and from that point onwards, everyone got interested.

Sara featured in the teaser; we auditioned for the role of Chloe and it was a long process. We really needed someone who could match and counterpoint Sara, who is a really strong actor. Eventually, on the second last day of auditions, Samara rocked up and immediately it was one of those moments where it all came together.

How did you as a filmmaker alter your approach towards the movie and its characters once you had made that decision to change direction?

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It was quite a large shift. It was liberating too. Prior to that, the story was pretty straight-up with clearly defined characters, both good and bad people. I actually drew a lot on my experience of having two warring sisters as teenagers and enjoyed deepening the characters from there.

I brought a lot of relatable domestic experience to the new angle. I think so; at that age, everyone goes through those questions of identity and where you fit in. My marriage had also recently broken down so I was channelling a lot of what was going on in my life at the time through the characters.

Sounds like a very deeply personal vein of inspiration. Having these two girls articulate that in a different way was maybe cathartic to an extent, for sure. How did that come about? One of my producers, Bruno [Charlesworth], lives in France and has a lot to do with the entertainment and music industry.

He knew Warren through that and approached him with the film at the script stage, and Warren really responded to it. The music he composed for Bad Girl works as both ambient noise and then it will swell and rise and catch you out. He composed everything on his bass guitar, a keyboard and a laptop — very lo-fi, but it suited the film.

The soundtrack is actually being released soon through his label. What was it about the Swan Valley region, Kalamunda and Serpentine that suited the story you wanted to tell?

The film was originally set in the Dandenong Ranges outside Melbourne but the funding came through from ScreenWest.

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What time of year did you shoot? We got very lucky, as it was suitably cold, grey and sombre. The Swan Valley really suited the film because of the house — we were looking for a house that could sustain the drama.

It was perfect; I wanted a really austere and architecturally severe house, but the art department actually had to dress elements into the house to make it look like people who lived there!

It was like a display home, not an item out of place. WA was a really fantastic place to work in. ScreenWest were very enthusiastic and were keen to cultivate the industry.

Everyone was keen to be involved.

Virginie efira paris match making of

Hopefully I can make the next one over there too laughs.Isabelle is a stylish and accomplished artist living in Paris.

Divorced and looking to find true love at last, she meets a handsome, kind and intelligent younger man who she thinks might finally be the one. Virginie Efira; Directed by she starts making decisions that put her in harm’s way.

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As a result, the two share a very strained. May 16,  · Celebs wear outrageous outfits at Cannes Film Festival tulle, ruffle skirt and the hair piece done to match has us screaming, "Ahh!" Actress Virginie Efira .

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A perfect match in every way but one, will this new couple be up for the challenge? Will they be UP FOR LOVE? TRAILER: caninariojana.come Emily spends her days teaching coffee-making and latte art. As well as daydreaming that Bill Murray will one day invite her over for a Suntory Whiskey.

Virginie efira paris match making of

Profile: View Julian Cribb and Nicola Paris.

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