Walk safe drive safe

The first round of community workshops was completed in May.

Walk safe drive safe

Apr 30th, By srmedia Category: Featured Articles By Julie E. Lee Fortunately, pedestrian accidents, like many traffic accidents, are preventable.

Walk safe drive safe

This means that a pedestrian is struck by a vehicle nearly every seven minutes in the U. Always be on the lookout. Pedestrians can and will be found anywhere, even places where you are not expecting them like highways or busy, multiple-lane intersections. It is therefore crucial that you frequently scan the road ahead of you, including shoulders and sidewalks, to spot pedestrians before you approach them.

Stay alert and avoid distracted driving. Assuming they have the right-of-way, many pedestrians walk into the street without confirming that oncoming traffic is aware of their presence.

Pedestrians—especially children—are often hidden in between parked cars or behind other objects, including stopped or turning vehicles.

To avoid an accident, stay alert by avoiding distractions. Do not eat or drink, fiddle with the radio or navigation units or use a cell phone while driving. There are likely areas in your community where you can anticipate pedestrians.

At crosswalks and intersections, drive slowly and stop for pedestrians looking to cross—even if they are not at a marked crosswalk. When stopping at an unmarked point, stop far enough in advance so that the drivers behind you can also prepare to stop.

Furthermore, when approaching a red light, be sure to stop far enough behind the line for pedestrians to cross safely. Do not show hostility or aggression to drivers who are yielding to pedestrians.

Never honk when the driver in front of you has stopped, and do not attempt to pass the stopped vehicle in front of you. Because of their small size, children can be difficult to spot. Drive slowly and be on the lookout in school zones and residential neighborhoods.

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Safe walking is sometimes just as important as safe driving. If the street is not designed for pedestrians, avoid walking on it. Do not walk on highways or in restricted zones. Jaywalking is an illegal offense for which you can receive a ticket.

But sometimes…

Do not make assumptions. Try to make eye contact with the driver before initiating crossing. Do not cross multiple lanes of traffic without making sure drivers in all lanes see you. Do not walk long distances under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Just as you should never drive under the influence, do not walk long distances or in traffic-heavy areas when you are under the influence. Call a taxi or use public transportation.

When a driver stops to allow you to cross, give him or her a quick wave to demonstrate your appreciation. Check with your insurance agent for details.

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The way that you drive says everything about you and your. If you still want the added security and safety benefits of having a safe deposit box, renting one can cost anywhere from $20 to $ a year depending upon the size of the box, and the bank where you're renting it.

Do some research to find your best deal, and the bank with which you'll feel most secure. Getting dyed-in-the-wool, drive-alone commuters to rethink their travel habits can be an uphill climb.

That’s why the TRP also trains the coordinators and provides them with outreach assets such as downloadable fliers, posters, web links, newsletter articles and infographics.

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Turning off the device is essentially the same as unplugging it, so the short answer is no, it’s not a safe alternative. Sometimes, a USB device appears to be in use . Strolling in the Stroud District. Stroud Health Walk - this walk is back with a new meet venue and day, so come and join our lovely walk leader Prudence on Mondays, starting on 22 October at 2pm, from Stratford Park Leisure Centre, just outside the main reception area by the cafe.

We look forward to seeing you! Painswick Health Walk - please note that this health walk is currently on hold.

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