Why do you think risks are often overlooked in project management

The project manager must balance competing stakeholder interests against the constraints of limited resources and time, ever-changing technologies, and unachievable demands from unreasonable people.

Why do you think risks are often overlooked in project management

It seems like every street in Bangkok has an apartment block being built these days. Though the idea of owning property and being tied to one place has never really appealed to me, at one time or another, most of us are forced down that route, either for want of stability or to have something to leave our kids.

Getting on the property ladder at these prices is a dream come true, right? Personally, I think not. Take a deeper look at the condo market in Thailand and you'll see the false economy.

I remember a builder friend of mine nearly having a heart attack when he say how the builders were constructing an apartment block opposite his hotel.

Why do you think risks are often overlooked in project management

But the workers aren't to blame. Low paid, and often low-skilled, they are expected to build entire apartment blocks, pretty much by hand.

Indeed the lack of power tools used is a huge concern. On this very subject, just the other day a guy was sent to re-lay two tiles in my room. Needless to say the tiles are already wobbling and will no doubt be cracked by next month.

Cost cutting property developers deliver great looking apartments, which will seem cheap to a foreigner. And they are cheap. In fact, they are so cheap in build quality, that guaranteed, within a couple of years, you'll need to start carrying out maintenance on your apartment.

The freehold you get might seem attractive, but truth be told, it might as well be on a short lease if the entire building is going to look like crap within 10 years.

Most people in the Western world buy a property because it goes up in value, yet I know a guy here who bought a condo two years ago and now cant sell it for toffee. He thought the escalating market would mean being able to flip it for a small fortune within a couple of years.

Why would a buyer buy second hand, when for only a few grand more they can buy brand new? There are so many developments to choose from, many offering super discounts for early takers, that the resale market is practically dead, except in those upscale areas that remain evergreen, so to speak.

Buying An Apartment to Live in Thailand Long-Term Well, if you do the math, and you know that your rent over 10 years will equal the price of buying a condo, then go for it.

But think, will you want to stay in the same place for 10 years? And will you not end up paying out for maintenance and service charges on top? It's possible, but again, ask yourself… Do you want to wait years for your money back?

Will you be able to rent the property month-in-month-out? Will you be able to sell it for more than you paid for it after years? Will you be left with a depreciating, dilapidated hassle of a building after 10 years? There is a way to turn a profit in the Thai apartment market, and that is to buy early.

Some developers are desperate to secure sales in the early stages to help pay off creditors and secure further funding for the next stage of building, it also boosts popularity around the project. This means you can get a much cheaper deal if you buy early on and, if the project is in a desirable area, then you may be able to sell the brand new apartment to someone desperate to get in on the action when all the other units have sold out.

Problem is, to get in this game you need capital and to know the right people, as I speak about in this post. You need to know the market well, because the last thing you want is to be stuck with an apartment two years down the line in an area that isn't very popular with the rental market.

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There is also another huge risk to buying before completion. There have been numerous cases where the project has fallen though, the creditors have refused to lend money for a third stage of building, or quite simply an unscrupulous businessman has done a runner with the money.

Okay, these occurrences are fairly rare, but be careful who you do business with. And, when you get bored of that apartment, you can just move to a newly built one. On the islands you can find some epic deals on houses, too.

In my mind it's better to keep your cash in the bank, your life hassle free and your ability to around as and when you want. If you think I am way off the mark, or that I have missed some important points here, then please contribute with your comments below.

I am certainly no property expert, and would love to hear from those of you that have property experience in Thailand.

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Why do you think risks are often overlooked in project management

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It's certainly good advice. I recommend everyone rent for a long time before they buy. You really need to fall in love with a particular area and know that you want to spend the next 20 or so years of your life there before by, unless of course you are buying with a view to rent out. Abstract.

Project management and business analysis are in fact two disciplines that are becoming more and more strategic for many companies. Project management focuses on the creation of the “product, service, or result” of the project in order to meet its objectives. Why do you think risks are often overlooked in Project Management?

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